Automatically manage all accounting transactions of your manufaturing processes and inventory.

Streamline data exchange between your accounting and cloud production software by increasing efficiency and accuracy through automated transfers. Save valuable time while maintaining precision.

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Skale is a solution developed only for small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Thus, it saves you from unnecessary complexity and extra cost.

It prevents production disruptions with accurate stock tracking.

In Skala, businesses keep track of their stocks so they don't experience delivery delays or cost issues.

It is innovative, safe and compatible.

Skala securely stores your data with its cloud-based system and is fully compatible with the Xero you use.

Easy to use, even easier to set up.

Unlike other software, Skala does not require detailed training. You can start using it within 1 hour.

Customized solutions for small and medium-sized manufacturersWhy is Skale better?

Thanks to its extremely easy use, it enables small and medium-sized companies to use it easily without the need for extra training and personnel. Thanks to its integration with Xero, businesses do not have to change the accounting program.