About Us

We are the dynamic team of a system that was established in 2022 under the name Skala and enables medium and small-sized enterprises, which make up a large part of the Turkish economy, to make their business management and planning in the most enjoyable way with the least effort. Thanks to this system, which we have put forward by thinking and designing every detail with great care with a team of experts in the field, SMEs can easily manage and follow the main modules of the business such as stock, inventory, order tracking and planning from a single place. Skala is the least effortful and most fun way to migrate manufacturing processes for SMEs.

With its user-friendly interface and easy use, you can easily run your business from where you sit and manage your business professionally from a single place. We are as close as a phone call to you for the advantageous opportunities offered by Skala, a user-oriented business software solution.

By providing the best monitoring and management services to SMEs, which are the locomotive of the economy, we support them to develop their business and move it forward. At this point, we are always improving our business and software solutions with the innovations brought by technology. We have made it our vision to offer the stock, inventory, order tracking and planning services they need to SMEs in an innovative way without the need for another system.

At this point, we have undertaken the mission of providing maximum efficiency with minimum workforce, together with important solutions such as operator mobile application, marketplace and accounting program integration, while offering effective and quality solutions in terms of stock, inventory, order tracking and planning.

Thanks to Skala, it simplifies the complex and expensive manufacturing process and allows you to do many things with a few clicks. Skala, which we have developed with our experienced and expert team for medium and small businesses, enables you to manage and plan your business digitally in a more fun and more practical way. Moreover, Skala’s cost versus the value it offers is much more affordable than other software.

Since the first day we started to serve, our focus has been your business. Our company, which always serves with a customer and solution-oriented working approach, has seen your business as its own business and has developed the solution accordingly. In addition, we are proud to promise SMEs effective solutions that will solve the problems they face in a way that will not repeat them again, with our qualified and competent personnel.

Behind this software is a competent team and a system blended with years of experience. Yes, the Skala family consists of people with competencies in the field, including our expert software, marketing, accounting, customer representative teams and managers. We are not saying no bugs, but we are proud to say that we have a system that will eliminate any error you can think of, and a system that can eliminate any errors that may arise in the future.

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