Why Skala

Skala is a powerful and easy-to-use production software. It gives you everything you need to manage your production and distribution.

Advanced and flexible infrastructure

Scale includes powerful MRP (Material Requirements Planning) functionality to manage your manufacturing operation. Incorporating BOM, production planning, quality management, and batch traceability functionality, our MRP software is designed to oversee your production processes end-to-end. Thanks to its advanced and flexible infrastructure, you will be able to control all the steps of your business from anywhere on a single program.

Easy to use interface

Thanks to Skala’s easy-to-use interface and screens, you can control all your production and distribution processes through a single program, wherever you want, on any screen. You can monitor every step, including stock status, work orders and all other operational processes, and manage a professional process.

All information on one screen

Traceability is the process of tracking each material or product throughout its production cycle. It’s important to do this as it gives you more visibility into your supply chain. This helps you identify issues, increase efficiency, and ensure items are sourced ethically.

Save time with automatic calculation of stock requirements against future orders. MRP helps raise internal work orders and external purchase orders to ensure stock is available. Deliver more to your customers on time by reducing time spent on planning and calculations, and reduce excess inventory by using the right amount of stock. Easily send all work orders to the unit you need by observing all the information on a single screen.

Integrated use of all programs

Quality assurance can be easily monitored and reported within the system. Nonconformities can be entered and updated for prevention and continuous improvement. Ensure your products are delivered with the highest possible quality and gain end-to-end visibility of the entire manufacturing process. So improve your products and make sure that customer expectations are always exceeded. Use all programs integratedly, from accounting to your e-commerce operations.

Uninterrupted access to information

A complete serial numbering and batch traceability system allows users to track individual products, components and subassemblies through the system, as well as deal with after sales and warranties. Provide complete traceability, quality products and customer service throughout the entire manufacturing and manufacturing process, and even ensure compliance with ISO rules and regulations. Thanks to the scale, you can reach all your operational processes without interruption and easily control every step.

Management of all production processes with a single program

Manage the repair of customer inventory items and the work of your service team. Track warranties and record all repairs and interactions with the customer. Receive notifications when repairs are due with scale, easily track inventory items and the work of your service team, and record all repairs in one place. Control stock and material management, supply management and all other production process operations by managing all your production processes in a single program.

Quick setup and 24/7 support

Efficiency is about making the most of the resources you have. A high production rate, but using as little time, energy and materials as possible and zero waste is a good indicator of efficiency. It is very easy to achieve efficiency in your business with scale. Thanks to the fast installation and the support team you can reach at every step, you can control every process in your business in a single program from anywhere at any time, and you can provide efficiency and cost advantage at the same time.

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